Fish we commonly catch (1)


Also called dolphin or durado, this is one our most sought after fish.  The average size fish we catch is around 5lbs or 25 inches.  We catch them up to around 50lbs and the world record is 87lbs.

Season: Late April through Sept.


Fantastic on the table, really hard to catch.  There are many kinds of grouper out there but the main two we catch are Black and Red.

Black: average 20lbs.  Record: 124lb

Red: average 10lbs. Record 42lbs

Season: May 1st through Dec. 31st


One of the most fun and majestic fish to catch.  They put on a great show when you catch them with jumps, tail-walks and mid-air flips.  Catch and release only.

Average fish is 40lbs or about 5 feet long.

Season: Late Oct. through April


We catch the snappers in big numbers which makes up for the small size.  Snapper fishing is action packed! There are over 20 species of snappers that we catch here.  Listed are just the three most common.

Yellowtail: 2lbs Average-Record 11lbs

Mangrove: 2lbs Average-Record 18lbs

Muttton : 10lbs Average-Record 30lbs

Season: All Year


Inshore species that gets huge!  Lots of fun to catch with jumps, powerful surges and long tail-walks.  One nice thing about these guys is we can fish them on windy days and stay in calm waters. 

Average size: 50lbs

Record: 286lbs

Note: Now illegal to remove fish from water.

Season: April through Sept.


We catch dozens of species of shark.  The most common are lemon, black tip, nurse, bull, hammer head, spinner and sharp nose. If you are looking to catch something big with relative ease this just might be your target.  Odds of catching them is much better than most big fish. Sizes from 2-15 feet long.

Season: All Year

Fish we commonly catch (2)


Three kinds of Macs swim in our waters.

Cero, Spanish and King.  They are known for their great fight more than their table quality.  They are great grilled or fried the day you catch them, but they are also a superb fish for smoking.  

Spanish: Average 3lbs-Record 13lbs

Cero: Average 4lbs-Record 18lbs

King: Average 8lbs-Record 93lbs

Season: All year but most common in Winter


Catching lobsters is one of my specialties!  Typically I have you snorkel for them with a net and tickle stick.  In this case I do my best to keep the water less than 10 feet in depth.  In the event that you would like to tank dive for them, give me a call and we can discuss it.  It's something I do, we just have to go over the legalities and liabilities.  

An average lobster is around a pound.  A big one in the Keys is 4 or 5lbs.

Season: Aug. 6th through March 31st.


Although hard to quantify, they say Jacks are the strongest fighting fish pound for pound on the planet.  Better for catching than eating, but great to smoke they are one heck of a battle to catch.  The most common Jacks we catch are Amberjack, Jack Crevalle, and Almoco Jacks.  

Amberjack: Average 25lbs-Record 163lbs

Jack Crevalle: Average 12lbs-Record 66lbs

Almaco Jack: Average 20lbs-Record 132lbs

Season: All Year


Known as the "salt water musky" this toothy, fierce predator is actually relatively prevalent on the reef and putting one on your line isn't all that tough.  They are extremely fun to catch and make great pics and mounts.  

Average 15lbs-Record 87lbs

Season: All Year

Rare Catches

You never know what you are going to catch in a fishery like ours.  Usually I can predict what's going to eat your bait, but every now and then I am surprised with the result.  Fish that may surprise me are things like Sawfish, African Pompano, Parrot Fish, Puffers, Guitar Fish, Oilfish etc.  

Snorkeling and Eco Tours

Let me take you to any number of our amazing reefs to snorkel, take a cruise through the mangroves, and/or along the shoreline to see manatees, crocodiles, birds, rays and so much more!