About Capt. Brian


Born and raised in Midland, Michigan, and spending lots of time in the Alpena, Michigan area, I grew up fishing for pike, bass, walleye, trout and such on small lakes.  My family and I also fished Lake Huron for salmon and lake trout. I went to Michigan Technological University in the northern tip of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. While there I caught many of the same fish, played competitive hockey, majored in Forestry and endured extreme winters with over 200 inches of snow.  One time I went ice fishing and had to dig a 5 foot deep pit in the snow just to get the auger to the ice in order to drill a hole to fish through. All to catch fish smaller than I use for bait now!


I was about 3 years old when I caught my first fish.  It was a 4 inch long blue gill out of Badger Lake.  Ever since that moment I've been hooked on the sport. 

For years and years my only desire in life was to catch a fish bigger than my biggest.  Now that I've been at it a long time as a captain the formula has changed but not subsided.  Now-a-days what makes my heart race about fishing is seeing someone else catch the biggest or coolest fish of his or her life and having a huge smile and sense of achievement.  The other aspect that has changed since my younger years is I've learned that for the most part there is a formula to everything that happens in the ocean, and the trick to being successful in my job is to learn these formulas.  Once you know where the fish are going to be before they get there, things not only get easier, but I feel a major sense of accomplishment when we boat that fish we targeted.  


.When we are on the water on a charter there's nothing more important to me than you catching the fish you want and showing you a great time. I take my job as seriously as any professional in the world doing his or her best to become the best on their field.  Just catching a few fish and making sure your credit card clears is not good enough for me .  My goal is that after fishing with me for the rest of your life, when you discuss vacation experiences your day with me is the benchmark and comes up in every discussion.